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Last modified on 10/7/2017 3:11 PM by User.


HOWTO - Bug reports and support inquiries

Bug reports should be sent to the Habarisoft ticket system by e-mail (

Please include the following information in your bug reports and support inquiries:

  • the broker type and version
  • the client libray version

More information which may help us to process your support case faster:

  • the compiler (Delphi/Free Pascal) version
  • the protocol level used (STOMP 1.2 or older)
  • heart-beat enabled/disabled
  • communication library (Indy/Synapse)
  • single threaded/multi threaded application
  • conditional defines
    • HABARI_LOGGING enabled/disabled
    • HABARI_RAW_TRACE enabled/disabled
    • HABARI_SSL_SUPPORT enabled/disabled
    • HABARI_TCP_KEEPALIVE enabled/disabled

Also please include broker log files if they contain error messages which seem to be related.